Fuel Your Body
- Healthy Meal Delivery

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to providing Prince Edward Island residents with nourishing meals crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Fuel Your Body was born from a desire to offer convenient, nutritious dining options to the busy individuals of PEI.

Founder and CEO, Jay, identified the growing demand for healthy, on-the-go meals and took swift action to meet this need. With a finger on the pulse of our community's dietary preferences, we strive to remain at the forefront of meal preparation services on the island, continuously adapting to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

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The year FYB was founded



Year on year on growth



The amount of meals that we have produced so far.



Operating in 2000 square feet facility

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Fuel Your Body - Nourishing the Community: Giving Back Through Local Food Donations

At Fuel Your Body - Healthy Meal Delivery, we're passionate about nourishing more than just bodies; we're committed to feeding the spirit of our local community. That's why we make it a priority to give back whenever possible by donating food to various local organizations, including hospitals, food banks, Blooming House, The Soup Kitchen, and community fridges. By sourcing locally and distributing surplus meals to those in need, we not only strive to promote healthier eating habits but also aim to support and uplift our neighbors in Prince Edward Island.

Fuel Your Body's Environmental Initiative: Minimizing Food Waste while Sustaining Health and the Planet

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Customers submit their weekly orders before the designated order cutoff times.

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The orders are forwarded to the kitchen, where the chefs precisely determine the required quantities of produce and meats for delivery, taking into account the customers' orders.

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The calculated figures are organized and sent to our suppliers to obtain the needed commodities.

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Local suppliers, known for their commitment to quality, ensure that ONLY FRESH produce and exactly what’s ordered are delivered to our valued customers.

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The meals are cooked as per specifications and recipes, ensuring minimal waste of food or ingredients, with any excess food being donated to those in need.

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By supporting Fuel Your Body, you're making a positive contribution to our society and playing a part, no matter how small, in reducing food wastage.