Our Food 

We have two menus, which rotate each week. We switch up our vegetables to offer more variety but at the same time control the macro consistency in each meal. We buy our ingredients from the local suppliers fresh weekly. 

Order Process

You can order a Meal Plan or a One Time Order 

Order by Thursday @ midnight to receive your meals the following Tuesday evening for delivery or pick up on Wednesday from one of our pick up locations. 

Delivery Process

Charlottetown, Cornwall, East Royalty, Sherwood, North River, Kingston, Emyvale, Stratford Tuesdays 4-8pm

Online Order Pick Up Locations

Simply For Life: (All Customers) Wednesday 9am-6pm. Shops of, 8 Mt Edward Rd, Charlottetown, PE C1A 5R8

Kinetic Fitness: (All Customers) Wednesday 6.30am-8.30pm. 133 Queen St, Charlottetown, C1A 4B3. The fridge is located just inside the front door.

Crossfit 782: (Members Only) Wednesday 6am-8pm. 570 N River Rd, Charlottetown, C1E 1K1

Court6 Crossfit: (Members Only) Wednesday 5.30am-8pm. 85 Maple Hills Ave unit A, Charlottetown, C1C 1N2

Charlottetown Police Station (Staff Only) Tuesday 6pm onwards.

 Retail Store

Holiday Hours/Weather

In the event of a storm. We will contact you if there is any delays. 

September 7th and 8th Closed 

December 14th is our last delivery day before Christmas. Delivery will resume on January 11th. 

Food Storage 

Store your meals in a fridge at a temperature of 1-4 Degrees Celsius in order to maintain freshness and food safety standards. We recommend eating the meals within 4 days. There is an expiry label on all our dish lids. Our containers can be frozen for up to 2 weeks. We recommend defrosting them in the fridge before reheating them for best results. 


Our meal containers are compostable. The lids of our meal containers and sauces are recyclable. Our overnight oat containers are 100% compostable.  We are a environmentally proactive company. The meal Ingredients and nutrition content and expiry is shown on our labels. 

Microwave Heating Instructions

Microwave instructions: Remove the sauce container if included. Place the lid loosely back on the container. Heat on high for 1 minute+. We recommend heating in 1 minute intervals and testing your meal to maintain the quality and freshness of the food and avoid overheating. If you freeze your meals, we recommend defrosting the meal completely and then reheating in the microwave for best results. Note our containers are not oven friendly. 

Contact us for any further questions. 



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